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JEC World - trade show report

Natural fibers and sustainability, relevant for many composites manufacturers and processors

From May 3-5, 2022, JEC World, the global trade show for composites and their applications, took place in Paris. As previously reported, FUSE Composite was also on-site.

Spread over a total of 2 halls, visitors from over 100 countries were able to interact with over 1000 exhibitors at JEC World.

Various topics were covered in special areas, one of which was dedicated solely to natural fibers. Here, flax showed itself as the dominant reinforcing fiber and was portrayed in various application examples. Interestingly, apart from the FUSE HMP, no other semifinished products made of hemp were on display. This encourages us to focus on our stable regional supply chains for high-quality hemp semifinished products. With our FUSE HMP, we can thus offer the composites market economically attractive alternatives to flax fiber materials, which often suffers from price and supply security.

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