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ICNF 2023 Award for Silbaerg

Silbaerg snowboard built with our FUSE Micro Tapes wins ICNF 2023 Award

One of our product development partners is the snowboard manufacturer Silbaerg from Chemnitz. The company has been successfully building snowboards based on its specially developed and patented A.L.D.-Tech.® technology since 2011. For years, Silbaerg has been continuously working on improving the sustainability of its products. Currently, topics such as bio-based plastics, reduction of waste in production and the use of natural fibres (flax and hemp) are at the centre of the company's development activities.

In the case of flax and hemp, Silbaerg and FUSE-Composite cooperated closely. The result is impressive: A snowboard with preforms made of hemp fibres and recycled carbon fibre fleece.

Silbaerg decided to work with our FUSE HMP Micro Tapes to replace the synthetic fibres that were previously used. Customers do not have to expect a reduction in performance. A positive side effect is the good vibration damping of the natural fibre in the snowboard, which leads to a smoother ride and less vibrations.

The successful development work on this snowboard has now been recognised by ICNF 2023 with the Natural Fibrenamics Award. The focus of ICNF2023 is on "Nature-inspired sustainable solutions", with the aim of exploring the potential of natural fibres as key materials for smart design and sustainable solutions for future generations. To achieve this important goal, a Natural Fibrenamics Award competition will be organised alongside the scientific presentations to promote and showcase new innovative natural fibre-based products from around the world.

The development of functional, cost-efficient and innovative value-added products is one of the key strategies to increase the competitiveness of industrial sectors working with natural fibres. The mere argument of ecological potentials is not enough in new products to inspire customers.

The innovative product applications were presented during the conference in a specially designed exhibition room and evaluated by a selected jury in terms of innovation, design and functionality. The competition is a showcase for the latest innovations in the field of natural fibres, both for science and industry.

We are delighted for Silbaerg to receive this award and are proud to have contributed to it.

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