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Initial successful results with the FUSE Micro Tapes

Pulltrusion, winding, and fabric production as possible application areas

Soon, the FUSE Composite product range will be expanded to include natural fiber Micro Tapes. First test applications of FUSE Micro Tapes show promising results and a wide range of new possibilities.

The first FUSE Micro Tapes are made of hemp fiber and can be calibrated to a width of 15-30 mm. The narrow width of the micro tapes is ideal for pulltrusion, winding, and fabric production. This can be of particular interest to manufacturers of semi-finished products. Composite semi-finished products made with FUSE Micro Tapes could be used in end-use applications such as bicycles or ski poles, making these products more sustainable.

FUSE Micro Tapes are suitable for applications where yarns are normally used with the advantage that the FUSE fibers are all aligned in one direction and not twisted like yarns.

Because of the aligned fibers, FUSE Micro Tapes can be easily cut into different widths without fraying. Users can cut the length themselves according to their needs. Currently, the Micro Tapes are supplied with a maximum length of 100 m. However, in the near future, lengths of 1000 to 2000 m are also possible.

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