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FUSE Thermoplastic UD Tapes soon to roll off the production line

In our initial development phase, we focused on UD tapes made from flax and hemp for thermoset processing. However, we soon realized that our process can do even more and is also suitable for the production of thermoplastic semi-finished products. Thus, we started to develop our FUSE thermoplastic HMP UD Tape together with our research and development partners at TU Chemnitz and Fraunhofer IMWS.

The first thermoplastic UD Tapes use PP or PLA together with hemp. However, since our manufacturing process is very flexible, we can vary matrix type, volume fraction as well as natural fiber types according to customer specifications. This allows us to respond individually to our customers' product requirements and develop solutions together.

Are you looking for a semi-finished product that exactly fits your product requirements? Then contact us to find out how our FUSE semi-finished products can be tailored to you.

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