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FUSE is a 100% bio-based natural fiber UD-tape for   manufacturing sustainable composite products – easy   and effective to handle in the lamination process   through special surface fixation.



With FUSE you can build technologically demanding, sustainable composite products.  In addition, FUSE delivers innovative ideas through its own textile and fiber composite know-how and network.



FUSE is made 100% from bio-based raw materials from sustainable regional cultivation in Europe. FUSE therefore has a short and direct supply chain with high standards.

The FUSE production is completely transparent from the cultivation of the fiber to the product. In combination with your product, nothing stands in the way of calculating your Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).




Our customers build technically demanding products. FUSE passes the endurance test due to its validated mechanical characteristic values.

With an adjustable basis weight ranging from 100 to 250 g/m², FUSE is particularly suited to construct composite elements with individual property profiles.

Given the high continuous running length of up to 500 m per roll and the short process management through direct surface formation from the fiber, FUSE is more efficient than any other natural fiber-based planar semi-finished product on the market.

A look into the future of FUSE


Our process allows the flexible use of various fiber types from hemp to pineapple to wool, but everything is bio-based - that goes without saying.



FUSE is a reinforcement semi-finished product in the prototype development stage and is currently available in widths of up to 20 cm. We are constantly developing, working widths of up to 50 cm will be possible in the short term.

new working widths

Natural fibers applied in your composite ELEMENTS: 
This 100% bio-based natural fiber UD-tape defies all limits of sustainable composite product design.



workshop with Spurart


Das Besondere

What sets FUSE Apart?


We had one major goal in the development and production of FUSE – to achieve both economic and ecological efficiency. FUSE reflects these priorities in the following ways:

  • the FUSE UD-tape is made from regionally sourced natural fibers whose quality and processing are completely transparent

  • thanks to innovative approaches to processing, many steps within the supply and production chain leading up to the planar semi-finished product were successfully eliminated – thereby achieving considerable gains in efficiency



This makes the production of FUSE faster and more       sustainable than comparable products with the same mechanical performance in the composite sector.


The idea behind FUSE

Like many innovative products, FUSE is the result of a research and development process that took several years and started with two questions:

  1. What is the most efficient way to create a homogeneous and resilient surface from natural fibers for the construction of biocomposites?

  2. How can such a homogeneous surface made of natural fibers be produced both sustainably and inexpensively in order to become a competitive alternative to synthetic equivalents? 

These two questions were on our mind for a long time and finally led to action. In close cooperation with various industrial and scientific partners, we repeatedly examined both targets, viewing them from different perspectives. Over the years, intensive development work produced the facts and figures that kept bringing us closer to the ideal natural fiber UD-tape – including a sustainable supply chain.


When we were finally satisfied with the result, it was time to launch FUSE and, with the help of our partners, thoroughly put it to the test in various product applications.


But the journey doesn't end here. Our close connection to industrial research continues to help us optimize FUSE and to develop new product and fields of application. We would be just as happy to cooperate with you to further tweak and adapt FUSE to your individual needs. Contact us!


Test FUSE yourself

We would be happy to send you samples for testing and look forward to your results and feedback.


  1. Order a Hand Sample
    Fill out our contact form and we will send you our hand sample so that you can get a first impression.

  2. Tape Roll for Product Tests
    If you can imagine developing a product from FUSE based on the hand sample, we will be happy to send you a sample roll (length to be agreed on individually). Simply contact us by e-mail or call us to discuss the details.

 We are material developers and have a large network. Tell us your requirements and ideas. We can flexibly respond to individual requirements AND DEVELOP SOLUTIONS together WITH YOU. We look forward to talking to you! 


Thank you very much!

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